Issue with MSP and CA PPM integration

Discussion created by ifdscanada on Nov 30, 2017
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Is anyone using CA PPM on demand 15.2 with MSP successfully?


We are facing a showstopper in our transition rollout in using CA PPM, because whenever we try to save a schedule into Clarity with Remaining work, in CA PPM when you view the ETC By Period for the task in a weekly time scale, CA PPM has the total Remaining work correct, but the weekly view does not match the Time Scale view in MSP.


We have tested with:

  • Microsoft Project 2010 Legacy driver (14.2)
  • Microsoft Project 2013 no SP1 legacy driver 15.2
  • Microsoft Project 2016 XML driver (15.2)


We get mixed results based on the work contour as well in MSP.


I find it very hard to believe that no other clients are facing this issue! This is a huge show stopper for us.


  1. Does anyone else who uses Microsoft Project w/ CA PPM able to confirm that the Remaining Work in the MSP time scale view equals to the weekly ETCs for the task in CA PPM? If so, what version of Clarity, MSP, Connector you are using? 
  2. For anyone who needs schedules where ETCs matter by week, are you successfully using MSP or are you using Open Work bench? 

We were not aware that there were so many existing issues with CA PPM and Microsoft Project.