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Need Help in Oracle Stored procedure execution using JDBC step

Question asked by yaduvanshi_pankaj on Dec 1, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by yaduvanshi_pankaj

Hi All, 




I an trying to execute a oracle stored procedure  using Devtest  JDBC step but facing problem, Need help in the same.

Execution of Stored procedure takes some inputs and provides output, So i Need to pass some parameters for the same,

I am able to locate all other parameter types but not sure how handle output parameter, 

which has below data types, 

                             Oracle Data type-> RefCursor

                             Data type --> Object

                             Value --> Null(when passing Empty value it is throwing error "Value at index 11 needs to be property 

                                               for OUT or INOUT mode.")   



I am working with Devtest 9.0