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CA APM For Policy Server

Question asked by AnandKaturi on Dec 2, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by musma03

Followed the instructions to install  CA APM CA_APM_SSO_13.1.0 for 12.7 SP1 policy server installed on Linux RHl7. When policy serer comes up, we get the folloiwng error from the log file



We see that the libraby got loaded successfully by the policy server:

[7773/139976592566080][Sat Dec 02 2017 04:41:14][SmEventWedge.cpp:321][LateInit][INFO][sm-xpsxps-06860] Event handler library loaded: ""


However we don't see the metrics on the EM. The EPAgent is working and reachable as i see the following messages on policy server cA APM agent log


Iscope:12/02/2017(:07773:2080372480 DEBUG - Json string is: {"metrics" : [{"type":"IntCounter", "name":"SiteMinder|Policy Server|<PSNAME>|Health|High Priority Request Queue:Current Max Length", "value":"0"}]}

Iscope:12/02/2017(:07773:2080372480 IntroscopeMetricAPI::IntroscopeSendCounterArray: EPAgent is responsive - added