Level Up: Extending Agile Central with Custom Pages and Apps

Discussion created by grama23 Employee on Dec 1, 2017

Did you enjoy Don Young's webcast [slides] on custom pages and apps? In the December 13th, 2017 webcastmorky01 and grama23 be showing off the new app catalog and taking it to the next level by showing you how to build your own apps.


Why should I attend the webcast?

  1. I've always wanted to get more value out of Agile Central by creating customized pages that are suited to my needs.
  2. I want to learn about the new Community apps that were recently added to the catalog.
  3. I'm inspired by the GitHub Community and I want to be a rockstar app developer that can build my own apps.


If this sounds like your jam, here's some stuff you might want to take a look at before the webcast. Don't worry if you don't get to it; we'll go over all of this during the webcast:

  1. Check out your dashboard. You can find it by going to Pages -> Home -> Dashboard. If it's currently your default page (where you go first when you log into AC), you can always change it to another page by going to Pages in new navigation, then the gear icon to set your start page: Customize Your Dashboard | CA Agile Central Help 
  2. Create and add apps to a custom page. Create Custom Pages | CA Agile Central Help 
  3. Add a Custom HTML app to your custom page, then check out the AC Community GitHub to find an app to add: Custom HTML | CA Agile Central Help  
  4. If you want to make your own apps, you can set up App SDK so you can easily develop your own apps:  Agile Central App SDK 2.1 Docs