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Question asked by Popleys on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by Hubert Dennis

Hi There,

Am trying to export a specific application domain from LAB env and importing it into Dev env and able to import successfully and could see all the policy-related objects in QA alike dev structure.But the reality is, it doesn't work which mean the policy doesn't get triggered at all, if a protected resource is access within that domain, if I again re-create it manually it works.Is there any bug with this kind of import option? The below are the syntax am using to export and import it.


XPSExport Test_App1Domain.xml -xo CA.SM::Domain@03-000901d2-07ca-1757-b609-00017f004087 -npass –vT

XPSImport Test_App1Domain.xml -validateOnly -npass –vT (After this validaiton success msg,running the below one)

XPSImport Test_App1Domain.xml  -npass –vT



Sm version being used is 12.7