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Edit In List Function Loops

Question asked by kimj1.1 on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by Paul_Coccimiglio

This is on CASD version R12.6

A colleague of mine suggested the Edit In List function isn't working as it should.

When you are viewing a list of workflow tasks on a change order, and you have groups assigned to the tasks, and you want to update the Assignee by using Edit In List, it loops.

Firstly, it will search for contact records that fit what you have typed into the Assignee field, and will return a list of all the possible options.  This is regardless of what type of contact it is, or to which tenant it belongs.  It just finds matches to the criteria you are searching on regardless of other rules (such as tenancy).

Secondly, it appears to keep looping around.  You type some criteria into the Assignee field, say Brown, Rob and press the TAB button, and it will return a list of all the matching contact records.  You then click on the ‘correct' one and in theory it should populate the Assignee field with that name. But what happens is you see the name in the field, and as soon as you click out of the field it loops back to showing you the list of all matching contact records.  You can’t get out of the loop so you have to remove the name from the field and cancel the Edit in List function.


Has anyone else come across this issue before, and was there an any fix?