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Unable to publish a message to topic

Question asked by harsha-vardhan.gunduboina on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by harsha-vardhan.gunduboina

Hi I am trying to publish a message to a topic.


Version: Devtest 8.2.0

Step: JMS Send and receive

Steps I have done


JMS Send

  1. Click Add Assest
  2. Class: JMS Topic
  3. Topic Name: jms.topic.eventTopic
  4. Configured the JMS session(Success: class weblogic.jms.client.JMSConnectionFactory) - Its giving me the success Message.

So when I test the JMS Send step Its giving me the below Exception



Verifying Asset
Autopopulated JMS Session with JMS Connection (JMS Session)
Opening JNDI context with URL: {{url}}
Performing JNDI lookup with name: weblogic.jms.topicConnectionFactory
Creating JMS Topic Connection
Starting JMS Connection
Creating JMS Topic Session
Opening JMS Topic weblogic.jms.topic.eventTopic
Closing JMS Session
Stopping JMS Connection
Closing JMS Connection
Error: Error creating topic EventTopic: [JMSExceptions:045101]The destination name passed to createTopic or createQueue "weblogic.jms.topic.eventTopic" is invalid. If the destination name does not contain a "/" character then it must be the name of a distributed destination that is available in the cluster to which the client is attached. If it does contain a "/" character then the string before the "/" must be the name of a JMSServer or a ".". The string after the "/" is the name of a the desired destination. If the "./" version of the string is used then any destination with the given name on the local WLS server will be returned.



Also that topic has Durable Subscribers with a selector (Example Format test='testMsg'). I think it filters and sends it to corresponding queues. So I am not sure where keep it as input while sending the message.


Can you please guide me If I have to do any additional steps or Let me know if I am doing completely wrong.


Thank you