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How to block login using portal for normal users in CA PPM

Question asked by Avik.Roy on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by Shoichi_Sugawara

Hi Everyone,


This question is aimed for those who uses CA PPM SaaS (aka On Demand)


We had a issue with CA ondemand portal recently


We wanted to block user login using portal as they should only be using Clarity only using SSO


Now due to that CA made the existing one as SAML_Only and created a tenant admin group for admins like us


The problem now we have is that we can't login anymore as users using portal to troubleshoot after this change


As per CA team there is no alternate of this, and if they open it again users will be able to use reset password in ondemand and again can login using ondemand. 


The problem is even though we being tenant admin we can reset the user password but of no use , as whenever we try to login using the portal password it says "your organization has restricted access over internet. Please contact your administrator"


On the other hand CA can't give us any extra access other than tenant admin which would help us to login as users


If I understand this correctly this issue could be their with your environments too


How Are you handling such things ? Is there any solution to it ?