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filtering out embedded spaces (not tabs) in front of maileater tags on email clients

Question asked by Raghu.Rudraraju Employee on Dec 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by JoeSchmo

Hey folks,


I'm raising this on behalf of a customer.   The use case is that, they send an email notification out to users,  that email notification has below items at the bottom of the email:



%STATUS=Customer Updated



User replies to this email, and the ticket status should get updated to Customer Updated. 


This works fine, as long as the above tags are on a new line by themselves without any embedded spaces in front of them.  But they have some a mail client that auto-indents the above email notification (on a reply) and pads them in front with about 3 or 4 embedded spaces.   That goofs up the maileater completely and it misses the tags. 


He was wondering if anyone has some ideas on any options (Office 365. mail server rules  of some sort) that'll format this per what mail eater expects normally, one tag per line.