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How to run many testcases in ca devtest 10.0 and how to see the results

Question asked by johnysv on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2018 by johnysv

For a single test case I added 2 to 3 assertions. I have many test cases like these. But I am not able to run these test cases from a test suite (i saw the steps from "Run a Test Suite - DevTest Solutions - 9.5 - CA Technologies Documentation "). But my test cases are not running. Please help me with this. Please find the attached screen shots to see my test case.Please help me suppose if i have to run 6 test cases(as per the screen shot) from folders "retrieveProfileInfo_basic3_BW" and "retrieveProfileInfo_basic4_BW". I am getting some error and it does not have correct information. The question is I still dont know this is the correct way to run all my test cases. If not how to run all test cases?Will assertions inside test case be run?