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Enabling REST API

Question asked by smkwan on Dec 8, 2017
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I found the CA documentation and knowledge base article on how to enable the REST API, however had a few follow up questions.



Knowledge Base Article:


When comparing the documentation to the knowledge base article, the documentation does not mention enabling the SSL in WebView.


Do you need to enable SSL in WebView?


If so, I noticed another knowledge base article regarding the WebView SSL ( . This article is for releases 10.0 and 10.1, but wanted to confirm:

1. Does this also apply to 10.3?

2. If so, we are using a certificate authority for the REST API enablement on the MOM. Are there any additional configurations needed within WebView besides the properties file as mentioned in TEC1748203 to follow Resolution 1 in TEC1078428? Does this require another certificate or can the same certificate being used on the MOM for the REST API be used?


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