User Story for Resource Management

Discussion created by brianmbrown on Dec 8, 2017
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Hello CA community,


I've been asked to provide a concise user story for our executive IT leadership on resource planning and wanted to get your input, thoughts, ideas, additional stories, etc. What worked for your organizations or executives? I have a few ideas on what might work. Please see below:


As a business leader who manages a portfolio of projects and resources, I want to know which of my teams and resources are available, so that I may staff them to prioritized work.


As an IT leader, I want my organization to staff work by priority to ensure we're working on what's right.


As a Resource Manager, I want to see upcoming project work for my teams as unfilled roles so I can make the best staffing decisions on upcoming work.


As a Resource Manager, I want to staff work by Resource Availability to best assure project success and staff satisfaction/engagement.


Thank you for your thoughts and feedback!