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CA PAM AD sync & licensing

Question asked by TeamV on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by prira01

Hello Team,


Just a general questions about PAM:


- How much time PAM takes to get synced with LDAP? How and when PAM gets synced with AD ? Where can we check these configs? And how to edit these settings. I have manually tried to refresh the LDAP group but getting error "ldap operation is in progress". 


What actually triggers this questions is we have added one user in the AD group however it has not synced since last 5 days in our QA environment. And the same AD group is added to our Production environment also. However there it synced however after 3 days. Can anyone shed some light on this behavior.


- How the license agreement of session management and paassword management works with PAM. Is it based on the number of devices we create?