Product Announcement: New Quality Management Page

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We are excited to release today our new Quality Management page! Quality Management provides a new, modern experience for managing and organizing test cases and test folders in Agile Central. This page is available under the Quality Menu.


The foundation of the new Quality Management page, shown below, is based on two tables: one for test cases not assigned to a test folder and one for test folders and their descendants.


Figure 1: Modern tabular view of test cases and test folders


Each table provides basic functionality that our customers have come to expect: searching, filtering, sorting, column selection, bulk edit and delete, import, export, etc. But with this page, we have introduced new functionality such as:

  • Drag-and-drop assignment of test cases to test folders — test cases from the Test Cases table may be dragged into a test folder in the Test Folders table to form that association.
  • Drag-and-drop re-parenting of test cases and test folders between test folders — test cases and lower-level test folders may be dragged into different test folders within the Test Folders table.
  • Bulk copying of test cases — in each table, test cases may be multi-selected and copied using the the copy icon in the upper right of each table. When a test case is copied, all of the fields and the test steps are included in the copy.
  • Easy unparenting of test cases from test folders — the  icon disassociates test cases from their current test folder.

Figure 2: Bulk copy of test cases


Quality Management also provides four different views through the view selector:

  • Test Case View expands the test case table to full-screen width
  • Mixed View displays both tables side-by-side
  • Test Folder View expands the test folder table to full-screen width
  • Charts View provides a graphical representation of test case results by:
    • Testing method
    • Test type
    • Verdict
    • Test case owner

Figure 3: Choose Test Case, Mixed, Test Folder or charts view


Please see the Help article for more information at Quality Management | CA Agile Central Help


We are excited to release this new page and eager to hear your feedback.