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Data Integrity While masking

Question asked by satish.kumar.enni on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by satish.kumar.enni

Hi Team,


I have a requirement to mask DB tables across different schema. For example I have a schema1 with set of tables which were masked and I have to ensure that the tables in schema2 also to be masked with the same values. 

Can please suggest the steps to achive this.


For Better understanding

Here is my example:

schema1                                                                 Schema2

Customer details db table                                       Payment Details db table

Columns                                                                 Columns

FirstName                                                               FirstName

LastName                                                               LastName

Email                                                                      Email


So if i Mask the First name and Last name in Schema1 and i used the concat functin on Email column, so that i want to ensure the same values to be populated in schema2 as well.


Even within same schema also i have to solve this


Hope you understood the Problem