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How to Remove Adjusted Hours from Jaspersoft Ad-Hoc View

Question asked by Avik.Roy on Dec 11, 2017

Hi All,


We have built a custom Ad-Hoc view using OOTB source - Time Management.


In this crosstab report we have kept Period Finish Date as Column. Resource Manager, Resource Name, Investment Name as Rows, Time Entry Hours as Measure


As a filter we are using Period Finish date with  is after function, Resource Employment Type with is one of Function, Resource Name with is one of function with some fixed resources


The report works fine when there is no adjustment timesheet. Problem happens when there is a timesheet adjustments as it shows the entire hours. E.g. if for 1 week lets say i have put 80 hrs which i have then updated to 40 hrs


So, that means 80 hours would have status as Adjusted and 40 hrs will be Posted (Adjustment). The reports aggregate both and shows 120 hrs for that week for that resource instead of showing 40 hrs which is final


I tried to use Adjustment as a Filter with all function available like is one of, equal to etc etc but no luck as it does not give desired output


I also tried to build a calculated attribute to get similar output but could not using the limited functions


Could you please help me how can i fix this to get the corrected data