William Kammersell

How CA Experiments with Scaling Agile

Discussion created by William Kammersell Employee on Dec 13, 2017

If you'd like to hear how CA experiments internally with scaling agile for Agile Central, @garli07 and I had a great time on the Product Popcorn podcast earlier this week. We talk about how we scale agile, what is and isn't working for us, and how we're experimenting to always improve. You can listen at Product Popcorn - Ep.18: Beakers and Jackets - Experiments in Scaling Agile  or find us in your podcast app of choice.


Product Popcorn aims to be a fun, friendly podcast, and if you'd like to skip the intro chatter you can find the meat of the discussion starting at minute 19:00.


Any questions and discussion are welcome!


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