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Tracking Project Stage over time

Question asked by mtognetti on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by Jeevan.B

Good Day Community,


I am tasked with writing a report to track project fluidity over time; month to month at this point.  We want to track a project's stage.  So I am expecting something along the lines of:


      Project Stage                   November (prior month)            December (current month)

        Not Started                                 count of prj                                count of prj



        Design & Build




My preference is to pull this from the DWH and utilize Jasper reporting tools.  But, I will use the PPM DB if that is what is needed. 


I can see that the "stage" exists at least as a point in time, but I want to pull over months.  Is that available within the database(s) or will I need to start now (to capture December) and build a separate tracking table from a query (like) this one:


          SELECT investment_key, clarity_investment_key, investment_id, investment_name, stage_number,

                         stage_count, stage key, clarity_update_date

          FROM [ppm_dwh].[DWH_INV_INVESTIMENT]

          WHERE investment_type_key = 'project'

          (note, I am aware this may not be complete or correct)




Thank you for your input.


Michael Tognetti