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Overwrite Scenario

Question asked by DevtestUser_123 on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by lloan03


Is it possible to overwrite Test content response with Control content response if there is any difference in the element value in Graphical XML side by side Comparison.

For Example:

In the above response. If you see , MessageID and CreationTimestamp node are mismatched between Control and Test and so it is highlighted in blue color. Now I want to overwrite this MessageID and CreationTimestamp from test to content. So that there won't be any mismatch and my test will get passed. Is there any option to overwrite mismatched field in Devtest? I have "Overwrite expected Field" option in IBM RIT (Rational Integration Tester) tool. Now I'm exploring Devtest tool and want to make sure if any similar option is available in Devtest.


Please let me know if something is available. Thanks!!!