Workaround: Revert to Classic CA PPM 15.3 'Enter a Reason' for Returned Timesheet

Discussion created by CA-TECH-INFO-DAMON Employee on Dec 15, 2017
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A valued customer recently added the following comment on a page in docops where an admin enables (or disables) the New User Experience (pm core + timesheets):


Customer states: "Return Timesheets - No Save Option on "Reason for Returning" window. Happens if New Timesheets being enabled at least once."


We want to acknowledge the goodwill of this customer in taking the time to report unexpected behavior.

As a reminder, customers cannot use both new and classic timesheets--you'll have to choose one; however, in this case, the customer enabled new timesheets but later apparently elected to revert back to classic. We consider this change semi-permanent, meaning we can support a customer who elects one-time to revert and remain in classic. They can later semi-permanently elect to adopt new timesheets, and in time permanently remain on this improved product. But they cannot switch between new and old with any degree of frequency. And we definitely don't support using both at the same time or switching between new and classic (enabling/disabling), even on a periodic basis, it's just not supported and invites confusion.


Based on "Return Timesheets - No Save Option on Reason for Returning window," here is what we were able to reproduce internally:


  1. Log in to classic CA PPM as an admin and enable the new ux and timesheets.
  2. Decide to switch back and disable new timesheets.
  3. Log in to classic CA PPM as a team member and submit a timesheet. Logout.
  4. Log in to classic CA PPM as an admin or RM with timesheet approval rights.
  5. Open the submitted timesheet in the matching Time Period and click Return Timesheet.
  6. The 'Enter a reason for returning the timesheet' page appears. (The first time we ran through these steps, this 'Enter a reason' page appeared; however, the second time when we returned a different weekly timesheet, it did not appear.)


Expected: A Save or Add button appears to save the reason and category.


Actual: The user can enter the reason (note) and category but cannot save or add their data because there is no Save or Add button.

Workaround 1: If you already entered your reason (note), copy it. Exit this page and go back to the returned timesheet and click Timesheet Notes and paste, or otherwise add your note and category on this modal form where you can click Add and then Return.


Workaround 2: Enable the new timesheets feature.


The customer observed the behavior in 15.3 and reported it to us as bug DE38157.