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Are you using the Application Portfolio Management Add-on and what do you think of it?

Question asked by combech on Dec 15, 2017

We are considering using the Application Portfolio Management add-on and connecting it to our architecture planning portfolio tool (Software AG / Alfabet) so we can tie in IT products and their classifications to: build / expand / reduce / remove, strategic/non-strategic, architectural health, mapping to business goals / drivers etc..


Obviously there is a healthy overlap between the PPM module and the Alfabet product so rather than do things twice we want to get our architects / CTOs mapping content in Alfabet and then feeding it through to CA PPM for product managers / program managements to then link to their investments / programs / services so that when we do our financial planning process we can easily see if people are trying to spend money on an IT product we are trying to sun set.


Thoughts / experiences / feedbacks appreciated.