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CA PAM - Oracle Enterprise Manager SSO

Question asked by nmm.nb on Dec 18, 2017
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I'm trying to setup SSO on Oracle Enterprise Manager web portal (Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c).

For that , I created one TCP/UDP service for it (tcp port 7301, web portal, xsuite html websso, hxxps://<Local IP>:<First Port>/em).

When I do the learning process, it all seems to work fine. I marked the fields without any problem.

But when I try the SSO it doesn't work. It keeps "please wait , logging in" and it times out.

The credential are ok . I tried using the credentials on the "learning process" and I was able to login.

Thus anyone had this problem with Oracle Enterprise Manager ? Is the a way to debug what's happening on the SSO process ?

Thanks in advance

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