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Not able to convert Json to xml with json having prefix?

Question asked by Apoorvkapil on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by dasjo02

I am not able to convert below json into Xml and getting bound error(Standard transformation) and Error in XML generated (using JsonML transformation).

I am using Json Transformation assertion to do so.


Can you please help me out to convert it? I have tried adding prefix in root element "info:SessionEvent" but it didn't help.


"info:SessionEvent": {
"-xmlns:info": "",
"info:SessionId": "128987732",
"info:SessionDetails": {
"info:SessionCoreDetails": {
"info:SessionID": "null",
"info:SessionName": "1027593-Test Activity template 1",
"info:SessionType": "null"
"info:ParentReferences": {
"info:ProjectRecordName": "1000003 - Dev",
"info:WorkPlanRecordName": "1000934-AJ-Congo updated for 1076-AJ",
"info:RecordName": "1027593-Test Activity template 1",
"info:Site": "Congo updated for 1076",
"info:Customer": "xyz"
"info:AssigneeReference": {
"info:AssigneeFullName": "Xyz user",
"info:AssigneePhone": "null",
"info:AssigneeEmail": ""