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VCSConnector for Bitbucket Server

Question asked by jeyoon on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by bello01

In the new version of the connector (written in python as opposed to ruby), there is a new required 'Project' key under the 'AgileCentral' section of the sample configuration file.


  • Since our bitbucket server is used for artifacts across multiple projects in CA, are we required to have a separate configuration file for each project in CA and run the connector multiple times? (can we specify multiple projects - or better yet, use a wildcard?)
  • If a commit refers to artifacts across different CA projects in its' message, will the changeset be associated with all artifacts? (if the commit mentions US1 in project A and US2 in project B, would the connector not associate the commit with US2 (when configured to send to project B) in order to avoid duplicate changesets?)