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Negative actuals in WIP and Hierarchy tab of project

Question asked by sravani_nidamanuri on Dec 19, 2017

We have a resource who adjusted timesheet twice for particular time period. User have removed 0.5 hours from the latest adjustment. But the project was inactivated by the time the timesheet went through approval process and got posted. So we activated the project, financial status, open for time entry and made the tasks open for time entry. Ran post timesheets , post transactions to financial, post to wip, investment allocation and import transactions to financials jobs in sequence.

Post this we were able to see -0.5 hours in WIP table (i.e the hours from latest adjustment timesheet )but  +0.5 hours from previous 2 original timesheets are not in WIP table. We couldn't even see the entry for those previous 2 timesheet ID's  in WIp table.

Please help me to find where the issue is and remove the negative actuals.