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How configure a second network card at PAM

Question asked by JulianRiano on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by prira01

Hi Communitie 


We are currently in the process of installing and configuring the PAM solution for a customer. At the architecture level, the solution is distributed in 2 data centers, geographically 
located in different cities. For each data center there are 2 PAM Appliance, for a total of 4, which must be configured in high availability. The customer needs the balancing to be done by the PAM solution, but when
configuring the virtual ip the documentation indicates that both the VIP and the cluster members
must be under the same red segment therefore, VIP can not guarantee high availability and
replication of the solution. The customer additionally
requires that the case of the failure of the devices of a data
center, the data center alternate ensure access and administration of the endpoints of managed
As an alternative, i try to configure a second network card through the GB2 network
interface, but it does not respond to ping.  I have some questions that I would like to help me solve:  How can you establish high availability of the PAM solution between the 2 data centers? Can you configure another network card over the GB2 network interface?  The attached image can give an idea of the architecture and the problem.  Any idea about it is welcome