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Reinstall of manager UI

Question asked by Samatnys on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by RobLindberg

So newbie to CA Directory...

We were starting to look at CA Directory and kind of kick the tires.  We had 2 test data DSA's and 2 routers configured on 2 Linux servers.  The person doing this created the Manager UI on a windows desktop.  That person left and the Manager UI with him.  My question is, I would like to install the Manager UI on one of the Linux boxes (which I've done) and get it to figure out that the DSA's are already out there and be able to manage them.  The UI is up and I can login to the Admin account.  But from here not sure how to get it to see the existing DSA's.  Most links look like they want to create new.


Thanks in advance.