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Not able to discover Ubuntu v16 server through RSP probe

Question asked by aln1976 on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by Alexandre_Magno84


   I have installed RSP probe 5.30 in tunnel client server (windows). when i tried to discover the linux server through RSP probe it is not discovering and throwing error


Dec 21 16:26:20:768 [10960] rsp: run_command_Others: Received an error - 1. Raising Alarm
Dec 21 16:26:20:768 [10960] rsp: run_data_gathering: Failed to execute command /bin/uname -s -v -r -m
Dec 21 16:26:20:768 [10960] rsp: get_ostype: failed to find OS
Dec 21 16:26:20:768 [10960] rsp: (thrDiscoverHost: ixxxx - connect failed
Dec 21 16:28:58:384 [10680] rsp: discover_cpu: (ixxxx) ERROR command for cpu data collection on  not found
Dec 21 16:28:58:384 [10680] rsp: CPU cannot be discovered for host xxxx



can someone help me here.