CA Directory Load Balancing

Discussion created by VVK on Dec 27, 2017
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Hi All,


We have 3 CA directory servers(12 SP18) with each server having DSA's for IMCD and SMPS. Multiwrite Replication has been set among the DSA's on all 3 servers. In IDM directory and SiteMinder Policy store/User store configuration, these CA directories are listed in same sequence like A,B,C. We haven't configured DXRouter for load balancing.


Lately, we have observed that almost 90% LDAP calls are routed to CA Directory server A and other servers are under utilized.


How can we load balance CA directory servers rather than routing all requests to one server? We are looking for recommendations to evenly distribute the LDAP requests to all 3 CA Directory servers which will help in better response time and maximum throughput.


Thank you !