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Replication to live DSEE instance

Question asked by Samatnys on Dec 27, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by RobLindberg

We are doing our preliminary work in anticipation of a DSEE to CA Dir migration.  I understand how to configure the bi-directional replication and how the Oracle retro-changelog is involved.  My question is, if I have an export of a live production DSEE instance and use that data to load CA Dir, when I create the replication agreement, how does CA Dir know where to start in the retro-changelog to get caught back up?  Since the changelog may have been up for days (depending on settings of how much data to maintain in it), we wouldn't want CA Dir to start from the beginning of the changelog and replay every change.  Or at least I don't think we would.  Looking for input from someone who maybe has been through this already.