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How to configure SDM in AA freshly and copy MDB data from an existing database.

Question asked by Vysakh_N on Dec 29, 2017
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We have a DC DR setup in AA mode with database replication configured in such a way that DR is a replica of DC including usp_servers and other env specific tables. 

At the time of initial implementation we had configured DC and DR setup with their own separate db and when customer configured the replication they did not omit the tables that shouldn't be replicated. Now due to some reasons we had to remove our DR SDM applications completely.

Now we are left with one set of applications in AA mod in DC which are connected to the DC db and a db in DR replicating with DC without any applications in DR.

Our goal is to configure a DR application setup freshly and connect it to the existing DR db. Database is Oracle. 

I am thinking the best way is to configure a set of applications in DR using a fresh database in another DB server and after that point the newly created applications in DR to the actual DR database making necessary table changes.

Can i follow this method or is there a better way to achieve this?