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Can't login into PPM

Question asked by Marius_N on Dec 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by Dave_3.0



I'm new to PPM and I think I made a serious mistake. I was trying to modify the timezone for all the users imported via LDAP (on a fresh installation of 15.3) and I run an Update statement directly in Oracle:


UPDATE cmn_sec_users SET timezone = 'Europe/Bucharest';


After that I restarted bg and app, but bg was hanging so I restarted server. After restart bg did not appear in CSA and could not be added, so I ran


service remove bg

service add bg


After the services started I could no longer login into PPM. After I enter the username and password, the page starts loading and it just stays like that.

I don't see errors in the logs..


How can I fix this?


Thank you!