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Enforce Client certificate Authentication with CA Microgateway

Question asked by PradeepBharadwaj18000887 on Jan 2, 2018
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I am trying out the new CA Microgateway for various functionalities. one of the Uses cases we have is to have Microgateway enforce Client certificate authentication. I went through the documentation for Microgateway way developed the below policy (in Json format). when I try to deploy it in the micro gateway I get an error. I am adding the policy and the error here. Any help is appreciated.


I am using the Microgateway in the Quick Start Rest mode in conjunction with Consul DB.


I am using the latest Docker container provided by the CA in the docker hub.



"Service": {
"name": "Name of the services",
"gatewayUri": "/<gateway uri>",
"httpMethods": [ "post" ],
"policy": [
"Ssl": {
"Option": "Optional",
"RequireClientAuthentication": "true"
"RouteHttp" : {
"targetUrl": "<target uri>",
"httpMethod" : "Automatic"




   "response" : "quickstart service failed.",

   "error" : "Unable to set SslAssertion - RequireClientAuthentication = true"




Pradeep Bharadwaj