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Error in Execute script(JSR-223)

Question asked by Suresh1992 on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by Suresh1992

Hi All,


I am getting following error in execute script(JSR -223) step.

Could not find the runtime language engine for 'javascript', please ensure the provider jar is in the classpath.

Also find the same error screen shot below.


When i tried to write some code in the step its thowring an error which is syntax error. Even for simple code return true; its giving an error. And defalult script is Beanshell, So that i opened the file where as i could not find  lisa.scripting.default.language=beanshell line. So that added the same line manaully in local.propties file and ran the workstation. But still its showing beanshell is the default language and throwing above highlited error.


Can anyone please help me to over come this error and use JSR step?




Suresh N