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Access Role Events not firing

Question asked by christian.verdelli on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by christian.verdelli
We’ve defined several Access Role using the Organizations in the User Store as criteria in the membership rule 
Access_Role_1: Member Rule in Organization “SALES"
Access_Role_2: Member Rule in Organization “MARKETING"
So that every user contained in the organisation SALES will be given Access_Role_1 and those in MARKETING will be given Access_Role_2.
In the “Add Action” section we’ve configured that when a user is added/removed as a member of this role a multi value attribute of the user profile should be set.
We need to bind  the assign and revoke Access Roles events to some Policy Express to perform some business logic; so we created one Policy Express bound to AssignAccessRoleEvent and another one to RevokeAccessRoleEvent.
It looks like those two events never fires, as:
- The Add Action is not performed; the multi value attribute of the user is not updated when a user achieves the role by being moved to one of the organisations mentioned before.
- The PXs are not called.