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CDM Collection errors

Question asked by hazard on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by hazard

CDM has been working fine for a long time on a Windows server we have. Yesterday we had to do some Windows updates and the CDM probe seems to be working for most things but not properly for CPU. It appears to be collecting data in the probe (it shows an average line under CPU Usage %), there are no errors relating to CPU in the logs even when cranked up to full logging. The only error I see in the logs is that 'ntgetuptime' message says 'unable to get up time'.


I am also seeing the message 'InternalAlarm: Unable to get CPU data (error)' from the probe in alarm console.When I use UMP to produce a performance report I can see that I am getting disk and memory QOS just not CPU.


I have reset the Windows performance counters (lodctr /r) and they are all working (viewing the performance counters on the server shows CPU information). I also tried upgrading CDM to the latest without it fixing the issue (6.20).


What does CDM use to collect the CPU data?

Windows 2008 R2

CDM 6.20


Any suggestions appreciated

Thank you