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Knowledge Document Templates

Question asked by chris157.157 on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by Jon_Israel

Currently we are working on SDM 14.1 and will be upgrading to 17.x this year.

We are trying to set up a knowledge document structure for our environment and have a business requirement to have documents for both incident and change.  While we are able to make use of the current structure of the knowledge document template for incidents, it does not work for our change knowledge documents.  Currently, the functionality exists for you to create a new template, but it would appear that this only allows you to work within the structure that is currently available i.e. Hide the problem, Hide the title etc. and then you are able to edit the detail "box". 

Surely, if you hide the title and it cannot be completed, then you also lose the search functionality against the title (this would also apply for the other hidden boxes). 

Is it possible to create a template where I can rename the title, summary, problem and resolution on the page so that those fields can be better understood as they would apply to the change knowledge document?

Is it possible to create custom fields on the table and utilize those instead, but also make them available to the search engine?

Any assistance would be much appreciated.