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Private certificate for client authentication

Question asked by IT-CD on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by IT-CD

Hi All,


I have a scenario where I need to send some information to 3rd party soap service which has certificate based communication.  I have got below certificate from 3rd party service

  1. Security Certificate
  2. .pfx (personal information exchange) file


I am using CA API Gateway 9.1 and I have imported both these certificates under Tasks-->ManageCertificates.


I have enabled below options and restarted the Gateway to reflect the changes.  


Post restart I have created a simple service to send a request to 3rd party via Gateway and it did not work and it is throwing below exception


"Problem routing to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Error msg: Unable to obtain HTTP response from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX: Connection reset "


Could someone help me with this problem.  This is first time I am are trying to configure private client certificate authentication in Gateway.