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cross-process TT = showing just a line instead of the 2nd process

Question asked by pivst01 Employee on Jan 4, 2018
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what is the max number of components that can be displayed in 1 Transaction Tracer Viewer (TTV)?


because the cross-process TT worked fine = displaying 2 processes. however we needed to enable the monitoring for all the methods (test env) for the 2 process(app) and the TTV just stopped displaying the second process after that. it displays the components of the 1st process and just a line (with some random method 1-2sec) instead of the 2nd process.

if i open the TTV under the second agent, i can see the TT for the 2nd process, but we need both processes together in 1 view. 



any idea what the reason could be and how to solve it?


thank you,