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Closing the inbox sidebar changes current view

Question asked by saurabh.gupta on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2018 by bello01


I recently came back from a long leave at work and had a lot of flowdock messages to catch up on. While going through the messages, I had this very frustrating issue.

I had about 40 pages of flowdock chats to piece together. Flowdock has this thing where when you open a thread in the sidebar, it adjusts the text in the centre panel text to accommodate it. If you close this sidebar, the text in the centre again adjusts for the sidebar. So, you then end up in a completely different conversation to where you were originally. This becomes quite frustrating when you have a lot to catch up on. The older the conversation, worse the movement in location.

This issue becomes apparent especially, on a smaller screen, where you find it hard to have the inbox window open (consuming half the screen) all the time. and if you close it, you lose what you were reading and have to scroll through tons of text again looking for it.

Can this be fixed somehow, other than keeping the inbox window open at all times?