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Can existing stories populate the Idea Manager with ideas?

Question asked by ue on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by malch12

A little background about how my non-traditional Agile team is setup: to complement our Agile process and double check our work, my team employs "User Engagement" during our development process -- we review and gather user feedback for user stories as we build items in our backlog. The purpose of this is to ensure we're building (and releasing) what users truly need, allowing us to pivot should users' needs change from the original story. In a sense, we're "tasting the stew as we cook it, rather than hoping it's delicious at the end."


What I'm wondering: if my backlog is already populated with user stories, could I populate the Ideas Manager with new ideas from the existing stories, then track user feedback/comments?


So essentially, the reverse of how the Idea Manager is designed to work. I wouldn't promote ideas into stories, but rather gather feedback for existing stories via the Idea Manager.