Tech Tip: Errors while verifying Service Repository in Datamaker

Discussion created by gilta03 Champion on Jan 4, 2018

When trying to connect to a profile in Datamaker, I am receiving the following error messages: 


Service Layer: Error Testing Connection 
Error verifying Service Repository: 
Mismatched DB versions (This = 3.2D, Service= 3.2B) 
Mismatched Service Names (This = PTESTSQL01, Service= DEV-TEST03\TEST) 
Mismatched Schemas (This = gtrep_testing, Service= gtrep) 


We recently copied over our repository to a new location in another server. We updated the rep.xml file with the new server information. We tried updating the repository (ctrl+alt+m), but there was nothing to update or sync. Datamaker seems to be referencing both database names still. 


To view the cause and resolution of this issue, please go here-