Tech Tip -Working Example of SOAP - XPATH - CSV Javelin Flow

Discussion created by joewilliams Employee on Jan 4, 2018

Hi Everyone.


One of our engineers created a working example of implementing a soap service with XPATH and CSV.  Here are the details of the steps, and the flow is attached to this post.


This is a  Javelin flow that does SOAP calls in a while loop which saves the results in XML,  and uses XPATH to extract values into a CSV file.


If you have internet connection - then this flow will work on your machine as-is


Detailed feature list : -

  1. Call SOAP action = ADD on public web service ( )
  2. Prepare inputs for SOAP call using Random Number Generator in VB.NET
  3. Call SOAP action 10 times using While Activity
  4. Create directory to store responses of SOAP action based value of windows environment variable àAPPDATA
  5. Put 1 second wait between each iteration of WHILE loop using wait activity
  6. Pretty Print the response XML without namespaces
  7. Store response of SOAP call to XML files using File Activity
  8. Create XML Response files names based on current local date time
  9. Do simple XPATH search using XPATH activity
  10. Do advance XPATH search using XMLDocObj.SelectSingleNode(XPATH)
  11. Create Data Table Object and store inputs and outputs (of XPATH search) in it using Invoke Method Activity
  12. Create CSV from Data Table using Export Data Table Activity
  13. Put new lines in log output using Environment.NewLine



Hope this will help with your implementation of Javelin.