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RedHat Meltdown Patch Conflict with CA PIM endpoint

Question asked by svjames on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2018 by tejja01

We're starting to lab test RedHat's patches for the Meltdown vulnerability on CA PIM 12.8.1 endpoints, and they crash immediately on reboot.  RedHat is advising to not run seos.  We follow their advice, disable seos, and no problems.  Anyone else also seeing this problem?  Anyone seeing any other types of problems (either endpoint or ENTM related) as a result of Meltdown / Spectre patching?


I've reached out to our company's support team about whether there's a CA customer forum about this, and have gotten not response so far.  We've also opened a case for this, but fallout coming directly from Meltdown / Spectre patching will be widespread, and deserves coordinated and regularly updated communication from CA to their customers.