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Critical IOS application bugs

Question asked by psiniemi on Jan 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by JohnStreeter

Serious IOS app bugs are forcing us to look seriously into migrating our 100+ users onto another solution.

The most common complaints are:

1: The app freezes on opening (non-responsive) and only crashes after several minutes

2: Images do not show up and preview is not available

3: Links are often not clickable and thus not followable

4: The view scrolls unpredictably when posting a message making following a conversation while taking part in it impossible



I'd obviously like to avoid a costly migration, but we would need a way of estimating whether the IOS app is getting fixes and what are the timelines there. We have users on iPhones from 6 to current X and practically all of them are experiencing at least some of the issues above.