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Develop Monitor for QoS with probe-sdk 2.5.0

Question asked by Martin_Carranza on Jan 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by BryanKMorrow

I am using the Java probe-sdk 2.5.0 to develop a probe that generates QoS dynamically, but I need to modify the profile to add a monitor each time a new QoS is generated.
For example, for the QoS "Disk State" I need to configure the monitor to publish the value and alarm, indicating that when the value is 0 send an error alarm:


active = true
device = SymDisk
qos_on = true
name = 000292604376.Disks.DF-10A.C.1.Disk State
alarm_on = true
rule = current
key = "ESC:SymDisk:Prueba::000292604376::Disks::DF-10A.C.1"."DiskState"
msg = StatusError
thr = 0
oper = =