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Store step request of "Send email Step"

Question asked by ShubhamArya on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2018 by Joel NeSmith


The "Send email step" does not create a response of its own as it sends the request (Your HTML Email body) to the SMTP server and the server forwards it to the respective machine(to-List and cc-List).



I want to store the step request(the HTML email body) that is in the send email step (and gets forwarded to the SMTP server).



The content that comes in the send email step is generated dynamically and thus I can not store it before sending.

One thing that I can do is adding a store step response just before the send email step and add a filter "Store step response" on the send email step, but, I have a lot of test cases and a total of around 200+ email steps so adding an output log message step before every send email step is a bit hectic job.


Please help.