Tech Tip: Javelin: Length of Query Restriction?

Discussion created by gilta03 Champion on Jan 7, 2018

As we are unable to register Alias in Datamaker, we are executing insert statements for Alias using Javelin. We are using DB2 – Execute Query in Javelin to execute many insert statements for Alias. We are using semicolons at the end of each query, and no new line character between queries. Still after certain length, we get compilation errors in Javelin. If we use three DB2 - Execute Query boxes to divide the inserts, we do not get compilation errors. The queries used are not static queries. We need to pass variables in all these queries.

Is there any restriction of length in Query field?
Is there another way to execute multiple Alias Inserts in one go?
If I create a file, how will I pass this variable to the file and it should be replaced with this variable? 


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