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Assignee field is getting Auto populated in CA SDM

Question asked by ishani on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by ishani

Hi Team,


I am facing issue when creating a R/I/P as assignee field is getting auto populated by reported by user which is not required. I have verified the detail_cr.detial_pr,detail_in but did not find anything. I checked the data partition as well but found no defaults is set and also checked options manager but no clue from where its populating the reported by value in assignee field.

This is what is there in detail form:-


<PDM_MACRO name=dtlLookup hdr="Assignee" attr=assignee autofill="no" evt="onBlur=\\\"detailSyncEditForms(this)\\\"" make_required=yes>
<PDM_MACRO name=dtlLookup hdr="Assignee" attr=assignee autofill="no" evt="onBlur=\\\"detailSyncEditForms(this)\\\"">



Can someone help on this?