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MAC OS of pam service question

Question asked by jhsong on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2018 by Joseph_Lutz

PAM Version : 3.0.2

Client Application : /Applications/ <User> <Local IP> <First Port>



Scripts Contents :



MYUSERID="${1}" MYHOST="${2}" MYPORT="${3}"


cat /dev/null > itermssh.script

cat << _EOF_ > itermssh.script

my execCmd("/usr/bin/ssh-keygen -R [${MYHOST}]:${MYPORT}>/dev/null 2>&1;/usr/bin/ssh-keyscan -p ${MYPORT} ${MYHOST} >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts 2>/dev/null;/usr/bin/ssh ${MYUSERID}@${MYHOST} -p ${MYPORT}", 1) on execCmd(cmd, pause)


tell application "iterm2"

             create window with default profile

             tell current session of current window 

write text cmd end tell

end tell

delay pause end execCmd _EOF_


chmod +x itermssh.script


/usr/bin/osascript itermssh.script




But I have a question.

In this way, two terminals will be generated.
One is a basic MAC terminal,
One is the Iterm terminal


Can I only allow Iterm terminals to occur?